To enhance and promote academic and clinical credibility for palliative care

“Someone needs to speak for the voiceless.

When help comes, people change, it is like losing hope - then hope appears suddenly like the sun”

  • Advocacy for palliative care in Uganda is carried out by different stakeholders under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the Lead Country Team for Palliative Care and with network support from PCAU and the academic institutional partnerships nationally and internationally.


  • PcERC through MMPCU operate within this framework and seek to strengthen and contribute to relevant networks to raise the awareness for palliative care, improve access and ensure quality, evidenced-based services for palliative care.


  • PcERC through MMPCU work closely with MoH and PCAU to develop models of care at the district and regional government hospitals, to share clinical protocols and emerging best practice.


  • We work in partnership to advocate for Universal Health Coverage and to be a voice for the most vulnerable groups including refugees and migrants, children and the elderly, women, those in need of legal support and those affected by poverty exacerbated by chronic illness.


  • PcERC through MMPCU will also continue to develop regional and international advocacy with a global perspective working through key organisations such as ICPCN, APCA, IAHPC and key partnerships such as Global Health Academy, University of Edinburgh and Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust.

"Palliative care has been a key lacking point. Many times there is a patient crying in pain. The approach of integrating palliative care into the medical practices of prevention and cure is the way to go."