Clinical Service Provision

To provide and scale-up an integrated clinical service to patients and families in Mulago and Kiruddu Hospitals

Level of intervention in clinical care.

The level of intervention corresponds to the patient and family's needs as categorised in the table to the right.  Our specialist team provides level 3 and 4 interventions while they support and supervise level 1 and 2 interventions performed by trained "LINK" healthcare workers. Click on the table to enlarge it.  

It was like my world is full of pain and suffering; I was alone and nobody seemed to care. It felt like life had no meaning... Then they talked to me, encouraged me, and helped me to get medication. The pain has also become manageable. There was tremendous improvement. I do not feel like the way I was when they first found me.

You gave me hope, you gave me pain control, you gave me love. 

Thank you and please pray for me .... make sure everyone in Uganda has this care.