“It has been a life changing experience that I will treasure, shaping my medical practice and my heart for my future career”

To provide education, training and capacity building for healthcare workers and allied health professionals and volunteers at all levels

  • The education strategies of PcERC are aligned with MMPCU and Makerere University’s 10-year vision of developing learner-centred training and in line with the Ministry of Health policies that require palliative care competencies be integrated into all health and social care curriculums.


  • PcERC working through MMPCU is strategically placed in Sub Sahara Africa to develop a model of integrated evidenced based palliative care in a hospital and academic setting.


  • This integrated model is underpinned by a comprehensive approach to values based competency focused education and training aimed for all including investment in PcERC and MMPCU staff to ensure they can offer senior educational leadership, a range of innovative educational activities and courses and collaborate with key partners in the region.


  • MMPCU has worked to develop an innovative approach to postgraduate MMed curriculums and supports the development and delivery of palliative care within the undergraduate medicine and nursing curriculums at Makerere University.

"Palliative care training has made a huge impact: I now see the patient as a person and not as a disease. I don't avoid difficult conversations. I don't order unnecessary investigations. I see them as part of a family. I do holistic care. It was not like that before"