To provide education, training and capacity building for healthcare workers, allied health professionals, students and volunteers

PcERC working through Makerere-Mulago Palliative Care Unit (MMPCU) is strategically placed in Sub Sahara Africa to develop a model of integrated evidenced based palliative care in a hospital and academic setting.


We adhere to Ministry of Health requirements of palliative care inclusion in all health curriculums.

This integrated model is underpinned by a comprehensive approach to values based competency focused education and trainin, aimed for all.


The team offers senior educational leadership, a range of innovative palliative care activities and courses, as well as collaborates with key partners in the region for education.

PcERC through MMPCU has worked to develop an innovative approach to postgraduate MMed curriculums.


The team also supports the development and delivery of palliative care within the undergraduate medicine and nursing curriculums at universities like Makerere and Islamic University of Uganda.

Feedback from Education and Training Activities 

LINK Nurse, Kiruddu Hospital

I have learnt that palliative care is for every patient and their family, not only patients with cancer as I used to think before.




Undergraduate Medical Student

It was a very rewarding experience rotating in a palliative care unit.  It has opened up my mind in regards looking at patients holistically ...  I gained a lot of insight as far as breaking bad news.

Intern Doctor,    Mulago Hospital

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with a very dedicated palliative care team that's knowledgeable and skilful and also committed to making a difference ... And I promised to do the same in practise. 

Family Medicine Resident, Makerere

I gained incredible knowledge and timely skills, not only to integrate into my general practise, but this has prepared me to be a 5-star family doctor in all settings including a post-conflict South Sudan.