Our Global Giving Campaigns

We currently have two Global Giving campaigns to raise funds for our work.

See below for more information as well as a link to our quarterly reports. 

Bringing Hope through Palliative Care in Uganda

Project #38867

You can help bring hope to those in need! Through our 'Bringing Hope Campaign' join our dedicated team who provide skilled, compassionate care and support to people with chronic disease and their families.

Based in Uganda's major hospitals our team helps care for people from across Uganda including refugees from neighbouring countries. Your generosity will enable us to continue to provide this vital service and reach more people.

Covid-19 Bringing Hope through Palliative Care

Project #46128

Help us reach our goal and complete our campagin for those affected by COVID-19!

COVID-19 has affected the entire globe.

This outbreak has posed a serious challenge for us in the provision of the palliative care services to our patients and ensuring that our staff has appropriate protective equipment.

However, we will try to continue to provide the much needed care amidst the threat but we need your support to enable us to do this.