To continue to expand the evidence-base for palliative care by promoting the prevailing research culture and increasing research collaborations within and outside palliative care service provision

  • The generation of palliative care evidence is essential and supported by WHO as well as our key partners and stakeholders.


  • Since its inception MMPCU has been expanding the evidence base through undertaking research, but also developing research capacity within the MMPCU team, Uganda and the surrounding region.


  • Capacity has been built within the MMPCU team along with the presentation of papers at national and international conferences.


  • Outside of the team, capacity has been built through a research network, development of research agendas, training, collaborations, supervision and research mentorship.

“so the training whilst I was doing my Bachelor's in Palliative care has helped me to continue with research and trying to find out if I do this, then what?”

  • Whilst there has been an exponential increase in palliative care research within the region, and within Uganda itself, there is still a need for ongoing research, collaborations and capacity building 


  • To ensure all interventions are evidence-based, PcERC through MMPCU seeks to continue a research culture through making monitoring, evaluation and research an integral part of all its activities including integration of research outcomes into practice.

"Your input into global palliative care is extraordinary and we need to take cognisance of this. Without the work of the unit and its emphasis on rigorous research that is translated into practice, the palliative care world would be much poorer"