To develop a well-resourced Palliative Care Unit, with the human resource capacity and infrastructure capable of sustainably supporting a Ugandan-led palliative care programme

“It was inspiring to see how

the department is integrating into the training of the medical students and registrars. I will be in touch to learn more about the impressive collaborations between Uk academic institutions and their Ugandan/Kenyan


  • We foster mutually beneficial international and local partner- ships.


  • We regularly review income streams and create income generation building on the extensive technical expertise within PcERC through MMPCU and expanding our collaborations.


  • It is important to develop and sustain good relationships with international and local academic settings, international and local palliative care organisations and with key donors especially in the areas of research, clinical care and training.

"The hospitality reflects the heart of humanity in health providers. learning from you empowers us to transform our society. We don't doubt that other countries can learn from us as we have learned from you."